Welcome to the jungle…

Happy Tuesday

Okay so let’s be frank…I’m no superstar, no ‘former beauty editor’ or makeup expert. I’m a 30+ northern woman with a mega stressful job that pays half of what it should running a home that costs double what I can afford and trying to at some point fit in being…well everything else!!…I can’t run to save my life and meditation usually ends with a list of things I took the time to remember to do during my ‘relaxation’. The long and short at the very least I like to attempt to take care of my body and look somewhat ‘presentable’ during regular now all online meetings that cameras appear to add three chins to!…so I decided I wanted to overhaul my beauty routine this blog is everything I found and continue to find for every 30+ woman struggling with their body and skin and spending £100’s on products that well…don’t work…no plugging, no bulsh*t just THE DL…

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