Morning panic!

Morning my beautiful workaholics! So today’s Best Buy (I’m going to be doing the worst shortly) but I had to get this one in as I’ve literally just used it!…so if you’re anything like me and you have days working from home right now you’ll probably have set your alarm and lulled yourself into a false sense of security with ‘just five more minutes…hit snooze’…yeah! We all know that rush you had it all planned out didn’t you and before you know it you have 3 minutes to look half way presentable in front of your very virtual but very real boss eeek…well fear not my darlings this little beauty ^^ is all you need (and maybe a little mascara). I was actually given this product by a friend. I had already tried Dr Jart colour corrector and if you’re anything like me come 30 your skin has a manic episode where it’s either as oily as a pubescent teenager or as dry as a 90 year old foot!…mine is the latter…needless to say after applying Dr Jart I looked like a 200 year old painting that had been improperly stored…this however is for all purposes a bb cream. It’s very loose more like a lotion in texture but is applied green and blends naturally to your skin tone as you apply…gotta say guys at £35 I was very sceptical about whether I would buy another but after whipping this on before a meeting (or before my partner wakes up on a weekend so he thinks I’m naturally extra glowy and gorgeous) I’m very very impressed! Its dewy but doesn’t sit on the skin leaving no creases and no excess. It’s a genuine make up must have!!!

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