Summer lifesaver

Listen up kings, queens and aubergines we have an absolute summer lifesaver here! Quick disclaimer before I go ahead although with what I am about to tell you it may be tempting do not under any circumstances attempt to apply this product to your face or your genital area!…yes I know it may be tempting when you get that lovely sweaty glow above the lip during a friendly summer bbq or the untimely down below sweats when wearing those lovely linen shorts but trust when I say from experience you will end up with both areas rather bumpy and incredibly sore. However…if you are like myself and do experience random bouts of untimely sweating be it at a summer bbq, glam wedding or sat in a meeting wearing the only white shirt you could find and struggling to contain your growing under arm sweat patches this is the product for you!…apply the morning of under your arms and wash off approx 30 mins later. Add your usual underarm freshen up and trust me this product will not let you down and usually lasts me on average 3-5 days before I need to reapply. Having tried every product under the sun to prevent the embarrassment of my underarms slowly dripping onto the liner of my satin dress with no success it was actually my boss who told me to give this a whirl (the sheer embarrassment of her mentioning it spurred me to give it a go)…retails around £6 can be found at most pharmacies it’s a summer must have for me! Plus it’s super tiny so in the event you do need to reapply is perfect for your pocket or small purse 👍🏻👍🏻

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