Here we are my beauty belle’s my shining light of the day! Literally cannot describe my love for this product!…if you’re anything like me I’m very sceptical and if I’m honest have no belief in primers. That is of course not to say that there aren’t good ones out there but historically I’ve tried many and have been irritatingly disappointed!…generally if I have a primer it’s too wet so whatever I apply on top slowly slides off like a lollipop on a hot day or the has the other products sit on top so that everything you touch your clothing your light switches god damn it even your toilet roll leaves forensic finger prints of proof your wearing makeup and did not wake up looking like a model this morning…but I gotta say this one 😍😍 soooo much love! It has a silicone base and although comes out really thick it does feel concerningly wet when applied but fear not have patience my DL followers allow the product to sit for even just 30 seconds and then apply over the top. My make up does not move! Like at all…I look like I just applied 8 hours later as I did when I was sat with my kabuki brush at 8am with my eyes closed…now don’t get me wrong about 8 hours is your lot but still that’s a full nights partying or a full days work as for the price it’s below £4!!! You don’t get a lot granted but you also don’t need a lot either…less than a pea size application will cover your whole face and if I’m honest I wish I bought a bundle because I predict it’s going to be hot to trot from the shelves pretty soon!!…luckily for my fellow followers I did buy enough for my free giveaway today so get commenting guys #gottabeinittowiniti

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