Goooood morning sunshine’s….

Yes that’s correct I said sunshine something we do not appear to have over in the UK this morning and if your like me who woke up with one eye closed and added a double scoop of coffee to your cup then your probably also needing a little help with those tired puffy eyes too!…so first product of the day this one is from the ordinary and you’ve probably seen this product a lot on social media especially places such as tik tok promising a tiny drop of this liquid magic will resolve puffiness, dark circles all the things we 30+ need with a work and home schedule that allows us around 6 hours sleep!…welll I’m sorry to say this product will not see the results endorsements are giving it. Now don’t be disheartened my little worker bees it does have some effect. This product retails around £6 so not a huge amount but it really requires true dedication in your skin care routine. It must be applied both in the morning and evening which can be a problem if like me you rarely have time to let it sink in prior to make up application. Having used this product for six months now I religiously apply it after my nighttime skin care routine and will admit it does very very slightly reduce those irritating little puffy bags under the eyes but a full retrieval of your once 20 year old self it will not and it is not fast acting these results won’t be seen for a couple of weeks so perseverance is a must!…overall not a bad one to have in the cupboard it’s inexpensive and does have some good properties if used as stated but do not expect instant or long lasting results this one is only a 5/10 for me…

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