Tan prep hack…

Ok guys soooo if your like me and have the complexion of Casper the friendly ghost but also have dark hair I 1000% know you are going to know what I’m talking about when I talk of applying a little fake bake! Yuuup you know how it is your shaved your a silky smooth Venus advert style goddess but oh wait…you apply your tan and it’s as if you needn’t have bothered because your tan has now sunken into all those lovely little holes those thick dark hairs leave when you shave and you look half goddess and half speckled hen!…well psssttt listen up have I got a little hack for you 😉…this little bag of wonder comes in lots of different scents, non scented aloe Vera the works. I happened to have a bag of the chamomile version which admittedly is not my favourite smell but regardless it doesn’t matter. Pop two scoops of this into your bath and if your like me and have sensitive skin prone to drying out add a little oat milk or even some coconut oil (don’t panic about the oil in the tub a bit of vinegar spray will relinquish you from an hours scrubbing the tub) your going to want to soak for ten before you shave. Basically this product whilst being all relaxing also helps to close those pores after you’ve shaved! Next morning you can apply your bronze without the worry of those pesky pin sized volcano heads appearing for all to see in the summer sun…ya welcome beauties ✌️😘

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