What’s that NEXXXT?!!…

Next product up saie glowy super gel…well yahhh kinda is what it says it’s a gel it’s supposed to make you a dewy glowy goddess annnd yeah it’s £22 for mostly bottle and 30ml of gel. Look I’m not going to lie I read rave reviews about this product on cultbeauty but if you’re like me and spend the first two days after receiving your wage packet feeling like a high roller and two days later crying your completely broke and pondering the meaning of life…£22 bucks for a glow feels a little steep! So I wrangled this one as an ‘early birthday gift’ from the other half and I’m hoping he’ll completely forget he bought it!…nevertheless it arrived and in truth the bottle is rather swanky although you quickly realise you’ve got £15 packaging and £7 worth of product. The smell is…well I’m sorry saie it kinda smells like a mixture of pollen and strong urine (guys you gotta sort that out!) butttt in fairness the smell does go away after 5-10 minutes after application. Now there’s two ways you can use this product you can apply over makeup for a soft dewy glow or under makeup to give your whole face the appearance of being quite well nourished. Personally I went with star glow which sits really well for the day time but there is a sun glow which I would say is better for a late night sesh or darker skin tones. I’ve had no effects of using this on my skin and my skin is very temperamental however I’m not 100% convinced guys that the price tag is worth the hype. Definitely a good one for the make up bag but I wouldn’t rush out to replace if I ran out as one of my essentials.

What are your beauty must haves?

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