Why you need this in your life!

Back to beauty folks! So this is one of my all time make up bag must haves. If you’re like me and have spent years trying to find a mascara that doesn’t dry up the day after you open it, clump up ten seconds after you apply it or flake all over your under eye the minute you arrive for a date with you beau then #charlotteTilbury pillow talk push up lashes is THE product you’ve been looking for! And I have tried many! Clinique, Armani, L’Oréal, Mac you name it I’ve tried it from the most expensive to the truly cheap and nasty. Every product ended with me one hour in and looking like a panda…and if it didn’t it ended with 16 attempts at using eye makeup remover to remove a product that turned my 30 lashes into looking like 3 ginormous spikes!

Look I know it retails at £23 it’s no cheap investment if your like me and have very little by way of a cosmetic budget buttttt…this product goes on forever! Charlotte Tilbury I salute you! I’ve not yet once had it dry up or become gloopy to the point that trying to screw the lid back on is the equivalent of a 30 minute tricep work out!

So what’s the catch…

Well naturally there is the price although as I say you can count in this product to be a relatively long term investment for your makeup routine…The other downside to this product is the brush. It’s flat headed with the brush on either side. Now don’t judge too early once you get the hang of the application the reason for the design becomes very apparent it glides effortlessly through your lashes from base to tip without leaving any clumps, buttttt that doesn’t mean getting used to the brush isn’t without its trial and error…there were a few spikes to the eye and we all know guys when you’ve just applied and are force to blink all that under eye concealer goes right back to the start.

Overall a 9/10 for this product which is very rare for me quite simply put it’s a beauty must have and won’t be regretted 🌈

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