Plump lips tips 💋💋…

Happy Friday guys, gals and tinkerbell’s 🌈🎉🎉 so I’ve been getting a few questions lately about best lip products for that extra bit of plump this summer and if you’re anything like me and my friends it’s likely you might just be too skint or too scared to pay for that filler. Now guys I know you’ll understand when I say this, once you get over 30 some changes start to appear those eyes get puffy, lines appear and that top lip begins to resemble somewhat of a thin crust pizza! And if your definitely like me and made the most of your 20’s partying those things will probably be even more pronounced than your mother told you the would be. Soooo… above ^^ you can see the ordinary’s hyaluronic acid 2% +B5. I bought this product in store and was advised it would be perfect for plumping up my delicate skin…word of warning it did not! The product is quite viscus in texture and with my hormonal cystic acne ready to announce itself at any moment boy did it announce itself after I applied this. It was having none of it! It’s retails around £6-10 depending on what stockist you purchase from and I fully intended to return it with a scathing review! But sat later that evening reading about lip fillers, plumping applications, scrubs, glosses I realised 99% of these products contained you guessed it hyaluronic acid…wanting to experiment after my usual nighttime routine I applied this to only my lips (quick disclaimer do not swallow or place on the inside of the lip)…and there you have it next morning perfectly plum youthful looking lips! It has now become a regular part of my skincare routine and for extra moisture just apply Vaseline before heading off to sleep!…Give it a go and let me know your results in the comments below

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