Product review: A two in one…

Happy Sunday my beautiful beauty crew…so if your sundays are anything like mine they are usually filled with the ‘get Monday ready’ tasks…you know make the lunches, wash the uniforms…then cook, clean…clean yourself…hang the washing out bring the washing in iron, do the dishes and on and on the list goes…

So In light of all of that and trying to also share today’s beauty best do and don’t buys I thought I’d combine two products into one blog…if you prefer a double review let me know in the comments below…

So first up…

Nars all day luminous weightless foundation. I was given rave reviews about this product by a friend who swears by it so I went and purchased myself a bottle…at £40 it was quite a big buy for me. Usually when looking for a foundation coverage I would use Armani luminous silk (we’ll get to that 😉) but luminous silk can be very heavy for day time wear and I was assured Nars luminous was a little lighter…more coverage than a bb cream but more ‘natural’ than a full cover foundation. So off I went…I purchased the shade Mont Blanc and was assured this was best suited to my skin tone by the shop assistant, in the store the lady told me this product must be well shaken and applied with the hands due to it having a mineral base this would make the product settle onto the skin much better…

I’m sorry to say guys it did not!! You see I suffer with combination skin, I’m oily in the summer and very very dry all throughout autumn, winter and spring…this product is quite thin and has a powdery texture when applied. I felt perhaps there was just some trial and error that needed to be done with the product; perhaps I hadn’t shook it quite well enough or maybe I should pat onto the skin instead of rub in…regardless the product does not sit well and settled into every crease, nook and cranny it could find. It also sits uncomfortably onto the skin either sliding off when contouring or becoming patchy as it dries. Now when it dries boy…if you have oily skin this product makes your skin look very matte which I suppose can be beneficial if that’s the look you prefer, but if you have dry skin please just avoid! Not only does it manage to make my face look like a well travelled map but having flaky skin while attending your works Christmas party is no ones idea of ‘pulling power’. To put it simply if your going to pay £40 for a foundation you can rely on give Armani luminous silk a go and be assured you haven’t wasted your money. This bottle has sat on my dresser as an ornament for the best part of a year and there it will stay! 1/10 from me I’m afraid Nars.

Next up…

NYX Can’t stop won’t stop concealer… ahhhh hallelujah an under eye concealer I know will stay all day! We’ve all done it searched and searched for that perfect concealer that won’t rub away under our glasses or from wiping those tired eyes on a Friday afternoon. This product truly is a reliable and relatively cheap investment for your beauty bag. It retails at around £8 and comes in lots of different shades for your skin tone.

Now being honest I do have some friends who initially really disagreed with me on this one and I think that’s because the initial sight of how thick this product is can be a little unsettling. It needs some tweaking admittedly the wand is a little 2002 and you get far too much product on the brush just from the first dip but get past all of that and you are in for a treat!

Apply this product to the inner corner of your eye and to the right of your under eye and simply blend with a moist blending sponge until you are happy. Top tip: to prevent creasing, dip your blending sponge in powder following the application of your concealer and gently dab under the eye.

With this product you will not be disappointed you can party all day and all night knowing you won’t look like a panda at 12am…so go grab some while you can my little Cinderella’s party season is on its way!

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