Why taking control of your health doesn’t have to be so strict

…here we go my hard working minions! Being kind to your mind body and skin does not have to be a punishment!! Womenwhoinspire have nailed it! Top tips for taking control of your health without lording over yourself as a tyrant. Find ways to become healthier and happier with yourself. Why … Why taking controlContinue reading “Why taking control of your health doesn’t have to be so strict”


Here we are my beauty belle’s my shining light of the day! Literally cannot describe my love for this product!…if you’re anything like me I’m very sceptical and if I’m honest have no belief in primers. That is of course not to say that there aren’t good ones out there but historically I’ve tried manyContinue reading “Ahhh FINALLY!!!”

Goooood morning sunshine’s….

Yes that’s correct I said sunshine something we do not appear to have over in the UK this morning and if your like me who woke up with one eye closed and added a double scoop of coffee to your cup then your probably also needing a little help with those tired puffy eyes too!…soContinue reading “Goooood morning sunshine’s….”

Bring on the Thursday…

Another Wednesday down and we survived wooo!!…the make up is off! The candles are lit it is time for this little worker bee to power down. More products on their way tomorrow but before I do get involved and tell me what you’d like to see most!…best products for dry skin, oily skin, cystic acne…faceContinue reading “Bring on the Thursday…”