Spring & Summer Hairstyles That Will Have All Eyes On You

As someone with very thick untameable hair just what to give a shout out to @chicandrose.com for some fab summer ideas #ohthehumidity 😅✌️🌈

They say to let your hair loose and be free, but there are far too many beautiful hairstyles to do that. Plain Jane hair can wait. This spring and …

Spring & Summer Hairstyles That Will Have All Eyes On You

Why you need this in your life!

Back to beauty folks! So this is one of my all time make up bag must haves. If you’re like me and have spent years trying to find a mascara that doesn’t dry up the day after you open it, clump up ten seconds after you apply it or flake all over your under eye the minute you arrive for a date with you beau then #charlotteTilbury pillow talk push up lashes is THE product you’ve been looking for! And I have tried many! Clinique, Armani, L’Oréal, Mac you name it I’ve tried it from the most expensive to the truly cheap and nasty. Every product ended with me one hour in and looking like a panda…and if it didn’t it ended with 16 attempts at using eye makeup remover to remove a product that turned my 30 lashes into looking like 3 ginormous spikes!

Look I know it retails at £23 it’s no cheap investment if your like me and have very little by way of a cosmetic budget buttttt…this product goes on forever! Charlotte Tilbury I salute you! I’ve not yet once had it dry up or become gloopy to the point that trying to screw the lid back on is the equivalent of a 30 minute tricep work out!

So what’s the catch…

Well naturally there is the price although as I say you can count in this product to be a relatively long term investment for your makeup routine…The other downside to this product is the brush. It’s flat headed with the brush on either side. Now don’t judge too early once you get the hang of the application the reason for the design becomes very apparent it glides effortlessly through your lashes from base to tip without leaving any clumps, buttttt that doesn’t mean getting used to the brush isn’t without its trial and error…there were a few spikes to the eye and we all know guys when you’ve just applied and are force to blink all that under eye concealer goes right back to the start.

Overall a 9/10 for this product which is very rare for me quite simply put it’s a beauty must have and won’t be regretted 🌈

Life on all levels…

So guys when I started this blog I promised this would be about all things life and as you can see a little beauty tip here and there is what helps me maintain some of my sanity during the every day pressures of work, family and running a home while dealing with my ever changing body and scatty mind…but just for a moment I want to touch upon something very personal I think most people have felt and still feel. Loss is a huge part of our lives we lose things every day…our looks, our energy, our beliefs, our friends heck sometimes we just lose our shit and are a little off kilter. These are our every day losses the ones that shape us and help us grow into who we are and who we will become.

The loss of a loved one is completely separate from all of these moments. A loss so inexplicable and powerful it has the ability to change the very core of our being. If you have experienced great loss in your life you will know there is no pain that compares to it. People have a habit of saying ‘it will never stop hurting but it will get better’. In the years following your grief this is how I described my loss to someone very close to me. You will have days that you forget, and you will have days that you remember you have forgotten. This sounds a little strange so please let me explain…Those irreplaceable people that are now no longer there become part of your every waking day, almost as if they are still there but you cannot see them. You feel ok, you feel safe and you even feel happy, just like you did when they were by your side. Then you will have days of longing to see that person and you will remember you have forgotten that they are no longer here. You will try to remember the sound of their voice, the feel of their hug, the sight of their face and be lost in your grief of realising these parts of them have slowly slipped away in your mind. You try to retrieve them but you cannot.

Whether in your life for five minutes or 50 years the pain of losing someone you love, someone who is yours is the same. As human beings we have a habit of comparing grief and compartmentalising it into stages. There is no comparison in grief. It is one aspect of humanity in which we are all the same and as human beings it is our responsibility to treat others as such. There are no time limits on loss, it is carried with us until one day our loved ones have to grieve us. There should be no punishment for how as individuals we choose to cope and manage that grief.

Always be kind

So please if you know someone who is grieving remember theirs is a pain that will never heal. There will be days they struggle and want to remember and days they appear to have forgotten. Whatever day they are having please show love and understanding. Let them tell you the stories of their time with people that you’ve heard a hundred times before don’t interrupt. Let them remember and feel close to their loved ones for a while. Tomorrow they will need you and one day you will need them to do the same…

Please see links below for support with loss don’t struggle in silence, someone is always listening xx




Plump lips tips 💋💋…

Happy Friday guys, gals and tinkerbell’s 🌈🎉🎉 so I’ve been getting a few questions lately about best lip products for that extra bit of plump this summer and if you’re anything like me and my friends it’s likely you might just be too skint or too scared to pay for that filler. Now guys I know you’ll understand when I say this, once you get over 30 some changes start to appear those eyes get puffy, lines appear and that top lip begins to resemble somewhat of a thin crust pizza! And if your definitely like me and made the most of your 20’s partying those things will probably be even more pronounced than your mother told you the would be. Soooo… above ^^ you can see the ordinary’s hyaluronic acid 2% +B5. I bought this product in store and was advised it would be perfect for plumping up my delicate skin…word of warning it did not! The product is quite viscus in texture and with my hormonal cystic acne ready to announce itself at any moment boy did it announce itself after I applied this. It was having none of it! It’s retails around £6-10 depending on what stockist you purchase from and I fully intended to return it with a scathing review! But sat later that evening reading about lip fillers, plumping applications, scrubs, glosses I realised 99% of these products contained you guessed it hyaluronic acid…wanting to experiment after my usual nighttime routine I applied this to only my lips (quick disclaimer do not swallow or place on the inside of the lip)…and there you have it next morning perfectly plum youthful looking lips! It has now become a regular part of my skincare routine and for extra moisture just apply Vaseline before heading off to sleep!…Give it a go and let me know your results in the comments below

Tan prep hack…

Ok guys soooo if your like me and have the complexion of Casper the friendly ghost but also have dark hair I 1000% know you are going to know what I’m talking about when I talk of applying a little fake bake! Yuuup you know how it is your shaved your a silky smooth Venus advert style goddess but oh wait…you apply your tan and it’s as if you needn’t have bothered because your tan has now sunken into all those lovely little holes those thick dark hairs leave when you shave and you look half goddess and half speckled hen!…well psssttt listen up have I got a little hack for you 😉…this little bag of wonder comes in lots of different scents, non scented aloe Vera the works. I happened to have a bag of the chamomile version which admittedly is not my favourite smell but regardless it doesn’t matter. Pop two scoops of this into your bath and if your like me and have sensitive skin prone to drying out add a little oat milk or even some coconut oil (don’t panic about the oil in the tub a bit of vinegar spray will relinquish you from an hours scrubbing the tub) your going to want to soak for ten before you shave. Basically this product whilst being all relaxing also helps to close those pores after you’ve shaved! Next morning you can apply your bronze without the worry of those pesky pin sized volcano heads appearing for all to see in the summer sun…ya welcome beauties ✌️😘

Juggling Responsibilities: Tips on How to Manage a Work-Life Balance

@angie-soul.com 🙌🏻 definitely worth a read guys!

Balance. The Ultimate Goal. Ricky Lankford If your life is as busy as mine, you may feel like you are a circus act performing stunts for your …

Juggling Responsibilities: Tips on How to Manage a Work-Life Balance

What’s that NEXXXT?!!…

Next product up saie glowy super gel…well yahhh kinda is what it says it’s a gel it’s supposed to make you a dewy glowy goddess annnd yeah it’s £22 for mostly bottle and 30ml of gel. Look I’m not going to lie I read rave reviews about this product on cultbeauty but if you’re like me and spend the first two days after receiving your wage packet feeling like a high roller and two days later crying your completely broke and pondering the meaning of life…£22 bucks for a glow feels a little steep! So I wrangled this one as an ‘early birthday gift’ from the other half and I’m hoping he’ll completely forget he bought it!…nevertheless it arrived and in truth the bottle is rather swanky although you quickly realise you’ve got £15 packaging and £7 worth of product. The smell is…well I’m sorry saie it kinda smells like a mixture of pollen and strong urine (guys you gotta sort that out!) butttt in fairness the smell does go away after 5-10 minutes after application. Now there’s two ways you can use this product you can apply over makeup for a soft dewy glow or under makeup to give your whole face the appearance of being quite well nourished. Personally I went with star glow which sits really well for the day time but there is a sun glow which I would say is better for a late night sesh or darker skin tones. I’ve had no effects of using this on my skin and my skin is very temperamental however I’m not 100% convinced guys that the price tag is worth the hype. Definitely a good one for the make up bag but I wouldn’t rush out to replace if I ran out as one of my essentials.

What are your beauty must haves?

Why taking control of your health doesn’t have to be so strict

…here we go my hard working minions! Being kind to your mind body and skin does not have to be a punishment!! Womenwhoinspire have nailed it!

Top tips for taking control of your health without lording over yourself as a tyrant. Find ways to become healthier and happier with yourself. Why …

Why taking control of your health doesn’t have to be so strict


Here we are my beauty belle’s my shining light of the day! Literally cannot describe my love for this product!…if you’re anything like me I’m very sceptical and if I’m honest have no belief in primers. That is of course not to say that there aren’t good ones out there but historically I’ve tried many and have been irritatingly disappointed!…generally if I have a primer it’s too wet so whatever I apply on top slowly slides off like a lollipop on a hot day or the has the other products sit on top so that everything you touch your clothing your light switches god damn it even your toilet roll leaves forensic finger prints of proof your wearing makeup and did not wake up looking like a model this morning…but I gotta say this one 😍😍 soooo much love! It has a silicone base and although comes out really thick it does feel concerningly wet when applied but fear not have patience my DL followers allow the product to sit for even just 30 seconds and then apply over the top. My make up does not move! Like at all…I look like I just applied 8 hours later as I did when I was sat with my kabuki brush at 8am with my eyes closed…now don’t get me wrong about 8 hours is your lot but still that’s a full nights partying or a full days work as for the price it’s below £4!!! You don’t get a lot granted but you also don’t need a lot either…less than a pea size application will cover your whole face and if I’m honest I wish I bought a bundle because I predict it’s going to be hot to trot from the shelves pretty soon!!…luckily for my fellow followers I did buy enough for my free giveaway today so get commenting guys #gottabeinittowiniti