Ok guys so next up my worst buy…I’ve chosen this one as I applied it last night after previously having used it twice and suffered break outs I felt welllllll maybe I was just having a bad skin day you know how it goes you go to bed feeling beautiful and wake up with cystic acne you never knew even existed!!…so this one caudalie vinosource I bought from a very well known online beauty brand. It wasn’t too expensive around £13 but you know it’s 25ml so it’s not an amount you want to spend regularly if it’s something that isn’t going to produce what it says on the tin…this little beauty has rave reviews for its ‘skin healing’ properties containing borage oil, cucumber, mint all the good stuff I like to see in a product. It’s described as an SOS for dry skin and promises to plump and calm sore sensitive skin…perfect for the winter months I thought as I do suffer with those horrible dry skin patches your makeup loves to cling to. Well I’m sad to say this cream has not worked for me! It is a very heavy cream and therefore I applied it only to my dry patches (and forehead that is slowly beginning to look like it’s own road map). I used this after my bedtime skin routine which I always finish by removing all product with a warm bamboo face cloth (we’ll be having a look at those later) and wait until my skin is fully dry (pores closed!). I expected I think to apply this and wake up plumped and glowy but instead woke up each time with quite a significant break out. My skin did feel really soft that part is true but ‘calm’ my sensitive skin it did not! My lines to the forehead also somehow looked deeper than ever the morning after application and my skin erupted with little white pimples. All in all I think this cream has some good properties but is just too heavy for the skin on your face…in a waste not want not last ditch attempt it has now become a hand cream for me…but a little really does go a long way so not all a waste 😬👍🏻

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